Experiment Management

Evidation health is iterating faster through collaboration, comparing results, and tracking their past experiments. By managing their experiments, Evidation reduced their maintenance time by 60%. Ploomber is helping Evidation’s data scientists iterate faster, and avoid manual tagging the data/code/parameters.


Data Management

Fortune 500 companies are tracking their datasets allowing researchers to use production and historical data simultaneously. The solution makes it extremely easy to maintain their data and metadata, automatically track it, and only promote what they need by versioning the context for lineage. Cleaner S3 buckets, with metadata, so it’s easy to relate projects to clinical work.


Cloud compute

Life Edit is scaling their compute seamlessly without configurations. Life Edit’s team is technical, but user management and operations have been a nightmare for them. Their workflows involve big data using algorithms like Alphafold/Cripresso and DNA sequencing. With Ploomber they run hundreds of experiments and get the much-needed compute without a dedicated CloudOps.


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